All Team

Michael has done a little of everything, run for Congress, written a book, attempted to break the speed of light barrier. He lives in Texas with his wife and two dogs. In addition to 20 Songs Over a Cup he writes a life column called Story Over a Cup.

When Syd isn’t producing notes and tracks for some of Dave Kerly’s shows she can be found doing what she loves; cooking, enjoying the outdoors with her husband, working out, or playing with her dogs—two corgis and a German shepherd. When you’re listening to Taco Tuesday or Saturday’s Breakfast with Dave, listen carefully for any Taylor Swift songs Syd sneaks in as our resident Swiftie.

Dave Kerly is a child of the 70s, music has been a constant in Daves’s life.

Making legendary mixed tapes for years he caught the radio bug listening to the jocks at WNEW-FM in NY.

He started his radio journey at his NJ college radio station and now many years later his passion for music is still ever-present and he’s thrilled to be part of The Beat!

Chuck originally hails from Baltimore, Maryland but eventually learned the error of his ways and has lived mostly in Texas since 1998.

Chuck, his wife Molly and daughter Sarah live in Orange just north of Bridge City. He is, by day, a mild-mannered web developer but on Saturday evenings he’ll be digging deep into the vault for some tracks you’ve likely never heard before. It could be a wild ride, so buckle up!